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 Iloilo City Public Library
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Iloilo City Public Library (ICPL)
     -The Iloilo City Public Library is conveniently located at the second floor of Iloilo City Hall, Plaza Libertad, Iloilo City.



To be a model for:
Repository of the PAST
Resource of the PRESENT
Reserve for the FUTURE
Towards serving local and national needs 
for information, education, research, and leisure


To build library resources in order to provide excellent service for various sectors

To benefit library users through efficient collection and effective reader assistance

To improve information access capability through updated technological means

To acquire and develop various resources for research purpose


     The conflagration that gutted down the United States Information Service (U.S.I.S.) building prompted the USIS to donate its remaining books and furnitures to the City Government of Iloilo. The erstwhile Chief Librarian, Ms. Lucrecia Segovia, and assistants, Mr. Isidro Asignacion and Ms. Zenaida Gener, as well as other support staffs were absorbed as employees of the city government and enjoined for the continuance of library services under the Office of the City Mayor.

     From then on, the library collection of books had increased in multiple proportions through donations from the US Navy, USIS of Cebu, Thomas Jefferson Information Center, The Asia Foundation Books for Asia, Books Across the Sea, National Library of the Philippines, private donors and civic minded individuals. Another notable factor in the augmentation of the library book collection is the annual budget of the city government for the purchase of books and subscription of newspapers and magazines.

     Upon the retirement of Ms. Lucrecia Segovia, Ms. Nema Regalado was appointed officer-in-charge until her retirement in 1985. During her tenure, the library was manned by a three-membered staff composed of Ms. Nema Regalado- City Librarian, Ms. Elizabeth Deocampo- Senior Librarian and Mrs. Maria Sapalaran- Junior Librarian. Mrs. Angeles Villalobos took over upon the retirement of Ms. Regalado as Librarian IV up to the year 2000. Mrs. Elizabeth Deocampo was then appointed as Chief Librarian by then City Mayor Mansueto Malabor. Upon the retirement of Mrs. Deocampo in 2008, Mr. Federico Billones, then Librarian II, was appointed as Officer-in-Charge Librarian. In 2010, Mrs. Azucena J. Fernandez, then Librarian III, was appointed as Librarian IV-Chief Librarian by then City Mayor Jerry P. Treñas. Presently the Iloilo City Public Library has three librarians namely: Mrs. Azucena Fernandez-Librarian IV, Mr. Federico Billones-Librarian III, and Mrs. Marion Aguirre-Librarian II. Other ICPL staff include Mrs. Vierna Jaboneta- Bookbinder II, Mrs. Evelyn Beldia- Bookbinder II and Mrs Lotvic Lee-  Bookbinder II.There are also six (6) detailed permanent employees and seventeen (17) casual employees to assist in the different library sections: Filipiniana section, Circulation section, book loan section, Vertical Files section, Reference section, Administrative section, Children’s Corner, Internet Corner, and Information section.

     The nearly dilapidated and unsafe structure of the old Iloilo City Hall building where Iloilo City Public Library was located caused its transfer to Villanueva building in Rizal-Gomez Streets, Iloilo City in 2002. When the lease contract expired in 2002 it transferred to the second floor of the Iloilo Terminal Market building in Mabini-J. De Leon Streets, Iloilo City pending the construction of the new Iloilo City Hall Building. In January 2012, ICPL transferred to the new Iloilo City Hall Building, fronting Plaza Libertad, Iloilo City.

     Elementary, high school and college students dominate our library patronage but people from all walks of life come to use our varied and updated library collections. Internet, eBooks, and Wi-Fi connection are added services for information and research purposes. Primary, secondary, and tertiary level educators avail themselves of reference books to supplement textbooks in their classes. Retirees, housewives, vendors, and unemployed come to read newspapers, periodicals, journals and check –out recreational books and magazines for home-use. Businessmen, professionals, and foreigners drop by for information. Employees from nearby offices come to the Library to read every lunch break. Children from nearby public schools rush to the library upon early dismissal for reading and research purposes. The city library became the most frequented research and information center outside the universities, colleges and school libraries operating in Metro Iloilo. ICPL serves an average of 600-800 clients monthly.

     An organizational chart and flowchart of library services, a miniature of the library’s physical arrangement/set-up and the Dewey Decimal Classification System are prominently displayed upon entrance in the Library. These proved helpful to the public particularly the library users. They become familiarized with the purpose a well as the rules and regulations of the library, proper use and care of library collections and other important matters.

     Presently, the Library has an up-to-date book collection, regular subscription of local and national newspapers. We also have non-book materials like compact disks, VHS tapes, pamphlets, journals and maps. The Library is a link depository of Filipiniana resources from Public Libraries Division of the National Library of the Philippines. In addition, the Library has a desktop computer with internet services and Wi-Fi connection for easy access of library users. These resources shall provide them with all the necessary information needed.

     The Iloilo City Public Library, under the dynamic administration and leadership of the Honorable City Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog metamorphosed into the proximity of metropolitan utopia with a resplendent culture of its own, where progress ramifies to every facet of its socio-economic profile.

Organizational Chart:

Steps In Using The Iloilo City Public Library

Steps in Issuing the Library Borrower’s Card:

Steps In Information, Search & Research Assistance



To set-up a Children’s Library at the barangay level that will serve as a model to greatly aid in bolstering the mental faculties in the early growth of street children in the barangay.

To foster a comprehensive insight about the field of interest of every newspaper reader
in the barangay level.

To engender a paragon of an astute book reader worthy of emulation by an aspiring political leader or in any field of leadership to promote further strengthening of the moral fabric of our society which rebounds to good governance and general well-being of our nation both politically and economically speaking.

To foster a more cohesive relation with foreign libraries through information exchanges and also to make the Iloilo City Public Library as the conduit of foreign book donations intended to be allotted to the barangay libraries.

To cater to the cultural needs of the members of the Iloilo Chinese community, Filipinos of Chinese descent, and some Filipinos researching to know the grandeur of the Chinese culture.

To come to terms with the research needs of researchers relating to matters concerning Arnis, all the printed materials referring to Arnis and also the pictorials of commemorative sporting events of Arnis competitions held in the regional, national, and International levels.

To serve as a directory for the setting up of services directions inherent to the regular operations of the library and to the recent multifaceted services unfolding due to the diversification in library operations pertaining to its project and program commitments. The plan is in congruence with the Library’s Mission Statement.

To foster an aspiration to the would be Filipino Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Fighters to ultimately strive to excel in the fast becoming world famous combative sport of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) in order to bestow honor and glory for the Philippines in this particular sport of the world renown.

To create a repository of information concerning the health benefits and the curative effects derived from herbal/medicinal plants and their processed products in convenient forms for easy medical intake.

To give option to medical users to use herbal medicine instead of synthetic drugs in accordance to their doctor’s advice.

To enhance the promotion of herbal medical drugs in processed forms produced by the Philippine drug manufacturers to indirectly aid in bolstering the economy of the nation.


To foster a more holistic approach towards Filipino food preparations coupled with nutrient awareness and the entailing costs as determinant of its affordability among the masses. In concise point of view, presentation of nutritious budget meals.

To foster the spirit of nationalism among Filipinos to patronize Filipino movies in order to preserve our culture, to create jobs related to the film industry, and to enhance the economic progress of our country, the Philippines.

To foster a keener sense of nationalism among Filipinos by contriving a method of promotion that bodes well in patronizing the Filipino music compositions sang by the Filipino singers and as well as the music albums/collections of Filipino singers in Tagalog, Vernacular, English or any multilingual musical form. This matter redounds to the enhancement of the national prestige and economy of the Philippines.

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