The definition of every society is not only best described by its history and culture. The prevailing culinary art and food preferences of its people are essential components that can explain the evolution of such society since food is always associated with historical struggles and cultural development. This presentation is an attempt to educate every traveller who chooses Iloilo City as a destination, of the multitude of great gastronomic recipes and mastery of the kitchen art which are remarkably an illustration of the indigenous Ilonggo culture.

Popular Delicacies

Lapaz Batchoy - probably the most famous Ilonggo dish in the national scene which was started in the late 1930’s before World War II broke out. La Paz batchoy is a noodle dish with pork innards, liver and heart served with hot broth and topped with crunchy chicharon, garlic, onion leaves with soy sauce and powdered pepper used to adjust the flavour according to one’s taste.

Pancit Molo - Another famous Ilonggo dish named after a well-known district in Iloilo City, the Molo district. It is an adaptation of Chinese wanton soup which is composed of a mixture of ground pork wrapped in molo wrapper, shredded chicken meat and shrimps topped with some minced green onions and lots of toasted garlic.

Biscocho - derived from the Latin phrase word ‘bis coctus’ which means "twice baked." It is a popular delicacy in Iloilo City refers to baked bread topped with butter and sugar, or garlic, in some cases. Biscocho is a part of Filipino cuisine originated from Iloilo province and it is also known as perfect match for coffee or hot chocolate drinks.

Old World Delicacies

  Pinasugbo - a native confection made from thinly sliced caramelized native banana sprinkled with sesame seeds. It is also one of the most popular delicacy in Iloilo City and   well-loved by children because of its chewy and sweet consistent taste.

Barquillos - are thin rolled crisp wafers made from flour, milk and sugar rolled into hollow cylinders. Iloilo is particularly known for its barquillos. They are made by pouring a thin batter is onto a wafer iron (barquillera). Once the wafer is cooked to a light brown it is immediately rolled while still hot and it becomes a crisp rolled cookie when it cools. Barquillos are now available in local flavors like ube and pandan. Sometimes they are filled with polvoron powder to make a sweet called barqueron.

Native Delicacies

Baye-Baye - It is a mixture of scraped young coconut meat,sugar and pinipig (pounded rice grains). Some prepare it in simpler ingredients of coconut meat, sugar, grounded sticky rice (pilit or malagkit)or corn grains. So when you’re in Iloilo City, be sure to check out the public markets and other pasalubong centers for this native delicacy that can make your trip more gastronomically satisfying.

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